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Here you can learn all about performing magic tricks with cards, coins, rope, balls and other cool stuff.

Hi, This is Greg Hughes. I've been a magician for more than 35 years. I'm a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood and have performed for literally thousands of kids and families from here to Eastern Europe.

I grew up in Santa Cruz California where I became a professional magician at a local amusement park. I managed a few magic shops in my day and eventually developed a few effects of my own. I've met many famous magicians over the years and have seen countless amazing demonstrations.

Today, I do magic just for fun - not for a living. I perform for friends and kids at church once in awhile because I enjoy making kids laugh. I also like talking about magic, sharing my experiences and helping beginner magicians find their way into this wonder-filled world.

Have a thought or two about magic? ...Leave your comments and questions and we'll talk about cool magic tricks YOU can do.

- Greg

PS:  Hey....Want to see a Cool Card Trick?  Check this one out: The 21 Card Trick ....See if you can tell how I do it :-)


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